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Health insurance and Obamacare terms

What does health reform mean to you? Start with these definitions.


balance billing

Balance billing occurs when providers bill a patient for the difference between the amount they charge and the amount that… Read more

benchmark plan

There are two different meanings for the term benchmark plan – and both have to do with the Affordable Care… Read more


The beneficiary is enrolled in a health insurance plan and receives benefits through those policies.


Benefit refers to the amount payable by the insurance company to a claimant, assignee, or beneficiary when the insured suffers… Read more

brand-name drug

Prescription drugs marketed with a specific brand name by the company that manufactures it, usually the company which develops and… Read more


A broker is a licensed insurance salesperson who is contracted with multiple carriers to provide a wide range of quotes… Read more

Bronze plan

See Obamacare metal plans.