Open enrollment may be over, but the door to ACA-compliant health coverage is still open for millions of Americans. If you're one of them, our Insider's Guide to Special Enrollment is for you.

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Why you need this guide: Special Enrollment Guide

Why a guide to special enrollment periods?

What millions of consumers don't know about qualifying life events can't help them capitalize on Obamacare's special enrollment periods

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.26.31 AMPublication of the first edition of the Insider’s Guide to Obamacare’s Open Enrollment in 2014 was our response to readers’ frequent requests for information about their enrollment options under the Affordable Care Act.

Now in its third edition, the guide has helped thousands of readers successfully navigate the Affordable Care Act’s annual open enrollment period and find affordable, quality health insurance – either through the health marketplaces or off-exchange. We’re proud to have been part of a steady decrease in the national uninsured rate.

We do know, of course, that not everyone eligible for ACA-compliant health coverage bought coverage during the most recent open enrollment period. Some folks may not have enrolled because they somehow missed the enrollment deadlines. Others may have thought coverage was too expensive; they weren’t aware that they were eligible for ACA’s premium subsidies. Others simply didn’t have enough information to make a decision.

For those consumers, the end of open enrollment may have sounded like a door slamming shut on their coverage options. And for many, that is the case: It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, or whether you’ve had continuous coverage or how much you’re able to pay – enrollment is simply not available for most of the year without a qualifying event.

The door is still open for millions

But for millions of others, the door to ACA-compliant health coverage is still open. If you’re one of them, our Insider’s Guide to Special Enrollment is for you.

Louise Norris, a highly regarded expert on health insurance and author of our first guide, has put together an authoritative overview of special enrollment periods and the qualifying events that trigger those SEPs.

During an SEP, an individual – and in most cases, the individual’s family – can enroll in any health plan available in the exchange. And most of the SEPs also apply to health plans available outside the exchange.

As a licensed agent, the author has seen them all – obvious triggers like loss of coverage due to divorce or legal separation, and not-so-obvious triggers such as an increase in income that makes someone who’s already enrolled in a plan through the exchange newly eligible or newly ineligible for exchange subsidies.

The future of the ACA is uncertain (you can keep up with this in our Repeal & Replace section) but nothing has changed for the time being. The qualifying events that trigger special enrollment periods are the same as they were in 2016, although there’s an increased focus on verifying eligibility for special enrollment periods, so be prepared to provide proof of your qualifying event.

If you’re reading this guide and feel paralyzed in the “off season” – the nine months outside of open enrollment – don’t despair. It’s possible you already have a qualifying life event. And if you don’t right now, there may be one just around the next corner.

We hope you find this guide useful – and if you do – we hope you’ll share it with someone else who needs the information.