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New Jersey health insurance

A guide to affordable health insurance in the Garden State

new-jersey guide to health insurance

How healthy is living in New Jersey? The state is ranked the eighth healthiest state to live in according to the 2012 edition of America's Health Rankings® by the United Health Foundation. This is the state's highest ranking since reporting began in 1990.

The good news:

  • Fewer than 17 percent of adults smoke – that's the third-lowest rate in the nation.
  • Preventable hospitalizations have declined over the past five years.

The bad news:

  • More than 15 percent of the population does not have health insurance.
  • Public health funding dropped $4 per person from 2011 to 2012.

New Jersey's best and worst category rankings:

  • Smoking – 3rd
  • Obesity – 4th
  • High School Graduation Rate – 6th
  • Infectious Disease – 6th
  • Public Health Funding – 32nd
  • Lack of Health Insurance – 33rd
  • Preventable Hospitalizations – 33rd

For more details see the United Health Foundation’s latest findings on New Jersey.

Trust for America’s Health is another source for key New Jersey health quality findings.

In addition, 2010’s federal health reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), included the creation of a prevention fund to provide more than $16 billion over the next 10 years to invest in effective, proven prevention efforts, like childhood obesity prevention and tobacco cessation, and the site has a report on how it impacts New Jersey here.

Get local health results

State snapshot too large? Get county-by-county health rankings for New Jersey, from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin.

Does New Jersey have
a health insurance high risk pool?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In 2010, New Jersey started offering health care insurance coverage to residents through the federally established temporary high-risk pool program. Learn about eligibility here.

Rapidly becoming obsolete as state health insurance exchanges prepare to open, risk pools were state-sponsored programs that helped people who could afford to buy health insurance, but were not able to get underwritten in the private market because of a pre-existing health condition.

Programs varied significantly from state to state in price, benefits and number of people served. Often insurance companies doing business in the state were required to contribute to the pool to keep it in the black.

In the best cases, they allowed people to be able to switch jobs or become self-employed without the fear of losing their health insurance coverage. Read more about risk pools here.

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