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Obamacare and how it affects your health insurance

A look at your coverage options and how you can choose wisely

penalty exemption Obamacare

Obamacare penalty exemptions

March 2, 2015 – The IRS expects that 3 to 6 million people will be subject to the penalty for 2014, while 15 to 30 million will be exempt from the penalty… Read more


Qualifying events that can get you…

February 21, 2015 – Even if you missed the general open enrollment, you could still have an opportunity to enroll in an ACA-compliant plan this year if you… Read more

short-term health insurance

Short-term health insurance

February 17, 2015 – Now that the 2014 Obamacare open enrollment period is over, a short-term policy will likely be the best choice for most applicants who are… Read more

Obamacare tax penalty

The Obamacare penalty: facts and…

February 6, 2015 – Louise Norris talks with Andrew Sprung about the penalty consumers might face if they do not adhere to the Affordable Care Act’s… Read more

grandmothered plan

Grandmothered plans: love ’em or leave…

January 28, 2015 – Louise Norris explains grandmothered health plans: how they differ from grandfathered health plans, which states allow you to renew your… Read more