I work part-time. Am I eligible for a premium subsidy to help me buy insurance?

Q: I work part-time. Am I eligible for a premium subsidy to help me buy insurance?

A: Your eligibility for a premium subsidy isn’t tied to how many hours you work. As long as you meet the income requirements for the premium subsidies, are a legal U.S. resident, and your employer does not offer you affordable insurance, you’re eligible for a premium subsidy. (Not everyone with incomes in the subsidy-eligible range actually receives subsidies. If the unsubsidized cost of your care is already considered affordable, a subsidy wouldn’t be included.)

A more detailed explanation of subsidy eligibility determination is available here. In addition, brokers, navigators, and your state’s exchange can help you determine exactly how much your premiums will be for different plans, and whether or not you qualify for a subsidy.

You can use our subsidy calculator to get an estimate of your premium subsidy.

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