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Losing your job, consider COBRA.

Do you still need COBRA health coverage?

The combination of COBRA and the ACA present a solid array of options for people who are losing their employer-sponsored health insurance.… Read more

Give me your tired, your poor -- Statue of Liberty.

How immigrants can obtain health coverage

Let’s take a look at the health insurance options for immigrants, and how they’ve changed – or haven’t changed – under the… Read more

Women's health plan needs.

Women and health insurance

For women in the US, health insurance has come a very long way in the last few years, thanks in large part to the dramatic improvements and… Read more

The essential benefits are the heart of Obamacare.

Obamacare’s essential health benefits

Since 2014, all individual and small group health insurance (sold in and out of the ACA's exchanges) has had to cover a set of benefits… Read more

Self-employed woman.

Health insurance gains for the self-employed

The self-employed have historically faced a set of unique challenges in finding and keeping health insurance. But the Affordable Care Act… Read more

Private health insurance.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance continues to dominate the U.S. health care landscape. The majority of Americans under 65 continue to get their… Read more

Mom, dad and new baby.

How Obamacare changed maternity coverage

Before the ACA made coverage guaranteed issue, pregnancy itself was considered a pre-existing condition that would prevent an expectant… Read more

Individual health insurance also means family.

Individual health insurance under Obamacare

If you are self employed, or if your employer does not offer health insurance, you'll likely turn to the private market to purchase an… Read more

Without the Affordable Care Act, we'd still have 45 million people without health insurance, including a significant number of people with behavioral health problems. And health plans would still be able to deny applications based on medical history, and sell plans that didn't cover behavioral health treatment at all.

How Obamacare improved mental health coverage

Without the ACA, we'd still have 45 million people without health insurance, including a significant number of people with behavioral… Read more

Navigating health insurance job lock.

How Obamacare’s breaking the bonds of job lock

No one has to be stuck in a dead-end job just to keep their health insurance. Thanks to the ACA, anyone can enroll in coverage through the… Read more

Same sex marriage or as we say in Minnesota, "marriage."

Marriage equality delivers equal insurance access

One more reason to celebrate: Getting married is now a qualifying life event for same-sex… Read more

LGBT and health insurance.

Obamacare takes huge steps toward LGBT equality

"In states without non-discrimination policies, the Affordable Care Act is your non-discrimination protection. It means LGBT people can't… Read more