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Paul Ryan

So you’re telling me there’s a chance …

September 18, 2017 – With 13 days to go, I’d say Cassidy-Graham faces an uphill battle. But as we know, American politics sometimes delivers unlikely… Read more

Paul Ryan -- got lies on ACA repeal

You can only lie about policy in Washington, DC

May 25, 2017 – What's worse: Covering up for a 'joke' about Trump being paid by Vladimir Putin? Or fundamentally mischaracterizing the clear implications… Read more

Trumpcare as zombiecare

The Zombie Trumpcare (AHCA) Cheat Sheet

May 4, 2017 – After weeks of uncertainty, the House Republicans appear to finally have reached a point of certainty as to whether they can pass the… Read more

Scene from AMC's Breaking Bad.

Get ready for the uncomfortable questions

May 3, 2017 – By allowing states to waive preexisting condition protections, AHCA would allow insurers to restore a practice called "medical… Read more

Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't care about you

Wendell Potter: Speaker Ryan’s repeal plans are driven by donors – not your health coverage needs

March 31, 2017 – If you're not able to write Ryan a big check, the healthcare system he has in mind won't be centered on… Read more

Trump loses vote to repeal Obamacare

Obamacare remains the law of the land. With defeat, Trump fails his first legislative test.

March 24, 2017 – After four hours of debate today, House leadership abruptly pulled H.R. 1628 – the American Health Care Act (AHCA) — without a vote.… Read more

Sister Simone and health care.

I was spanked by a Nun on the Bus

February 23, 2017 – Democrats in Congress should consider pushing for a vetting of the Cassidy-Collins bill if only to keep Republicans from signing on to a… Read more

Paul Ryan nonsense.

3 GOP repeal comments that are eyeroll-worthy

January 22, 2017 – 'Ryan’s playing us all for fools in an effort to drum up support for his own version of healthcare reform.' – Louise… Read more

Paul Ryan town hall.

High-risk pools were a last resort for a reason

January 13, 2017 – High-risk pools could be resurrected, and yes, they could potentially work. But they would require massive cash infusions from the federal… Read more

Trump to replace Obamacare

Replacing the ACA with something terrific

November 12, 2016 – If Trump were serious about offering "something beautiful" in place of the ACA, it might look very like a "BHP for all who need it" –… Read more

Trump has "nothing" for health care plan.

Debate offers only a glimmer of hope for healthcare

October 10, 2016 – More than anything, ACA requires pragmatic, bipartisan problem-solving in an era of divided government and unprecedented polarization… Read more

Ticked off about subsidizing other people's insurance?

About that health insurance you’ve been subsidizing

June 23, 2016 – As tax payers, we've been subsidizing health insurance benefits for high-net-worth Americans for decades. In fact, since 1954,… Read more