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Qualifying events

Our look at the ACA qualifying events which can let you buy health insurance outside open enrollment.

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FREE Insider’s Guide to Obamacare’s Open Enrollment

Updated guide helps consumers choose the right health policy, learn how to lower plan costs, and enroll in a fraction of the time

Obamacare’s third open enrollment period is here – and that’s great news for millions of Americans who’ve been waiting for the annual opportunity to enroll in affordable, comprehensive individual health insurance.

Also great news? and health insurance expert Louise Norris have released an updated version of The Insider’s Guide to Obamacare’s Open Enrollment just in time for Obamacare’s third open enrollment. Better? Readers can download it for free from Amazon, iTunes and several other online stores.

Norris, author of hundreds of articles about health reform, says that the annual enrollment process is even less complicated than last year’s OEP. “Improved online tools have made it much easier for consumers to compare health plans – from benefits to premiums and out-of-pocket expenses,” she says.

Still, enrollment is not exactly a “breeze.” Choosing health coverage can be confusing, Norris says, if not for the simple reason that consumers don’t select a new health plan every day.

But Americans can also find themselves frustrated by the fact that conditions in the U.S. health insurance marketplace are constantly evolving – and that regulations and coverage can vary greatly from state to state.

The Insider’s Guide to Obamacare’s Open Enrollment (2015-2016) is updated with information focused on minimizing shoppers’ confusion while streamlining (and shortening) the enrollment process. “This edition is filled with answers to the enrollment questions I hear most often from shoppers,” says Norris.

Topics in the updated edition include:

  • 10 reasons why you should not wait to enroll
  • The increased penalties for not buying coverage
  • Why it’s a mistake to focus only plans with the lowest premiums
  • 3 ways to succeed even before you enroll
  • How to enroll in a fraction of the time
  • Are you better off seeking help from a navigator? or an agent?
  • Should you stay put – or ‘level up’ from your existing plan?
  • Do you really need to enroll through an exchange?
  • Can you keep your pre-ACA plan – and should you?