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Qualifying events

Our look at the ACA qualifying events which can let you buy health insurance outside open enrollment.

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Frequently-asked questions about health insurance

Our insurance experts answer the questions our readers ask most.

ACA open enrollment is November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016.

What are the ACA’s enrollment periods and when can I enroll outside of the open enrollment period? Read answer

In a same-sex civil union -- should we file as a household of two?

We’re in a same-sex civil union. Should we calculate our subsidy as a household of two, or apply separately? Read answer

What type of exchange does my state have?

What type of health insurance exchange does my state have? Read answer

The ACA has actually created jobs, not lost them.

To what extent is Obamacare actually a ‘job killer?’ Read answer

Both in and out of the exchanges, Obamacare protects you.

If I say ‘No!’ to Obamacare and buy my coverage outside of the exchanges, will I have to pay a penalty if the benefits don’t meet Obamacare’s standards? Read answer

How do the ACA qualifying events and special enrollment periods work?

Are qualifying events and special enrollment periods the same as they were in 2014? Read answer


I have insurance through my husband’s employer, so I don’t need my employer’s coverage. But my company said I have to work fewer than 30 hours a week so that I’m not considered full time. Can I just waive my employer’s coverage if they let me work full time? Read answer


My son is covered on my employer’s policy through July 31. Can he enroll in a new plan starting on August 1, or did he need to have purchased a plan during open enrollment? Read answer


If I already enrolled in a plan for 2015, can I change my mind and pick a different plan instead? Read answer

Even if you think you are eligible for Medicaid, you should pay attention to open enrollment.

If I qualify for Medicaid, should I worry about the February 15 deadline for open enrollment? Read answer